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Phelps resembles dolphin

Michael Phelps uses the kick to its maximum advantage by staying underwater for at least 13 meters.

Michael Phelps swam his way into history at Beijing but just how did he do it?

An Indian-American scientist is trying to explain what makes Phelps the best in the world by comparing his style to that of the of ultimate swimmers - Dolphins.

Rajat Mittal's investigation into the swimming technique of 50 Olympic-level American swimmers began 5-years ago. Mittal found that among the group Michael Phelps was able to use his body, especially his feet to kick like a dolphin at the start of the races and every turn that Dolphin kick, Mittal says makes Phelps the greatest.

"It's been noted by us and lot of analysts that looked at the Beijing Olympics, in many of the races Phelps went into the first turn not in the lead but when he came out of the first turn doing the Dolphin kick he was almost always either in the lead or he had gained the lead. He had gone from 7th to 2nd place, said Mittal, who is a mechanical and aerospace engineering professor in George Washington University.

Mittal also found that Phelps body dynamics gives him an extra advantage. Mittal says that Phelps with a longer torso and shorter legs is able to create smooth wave-like motion throughout his body and increase speed just like a Dolphin's movement. But the ultimate advntage is the 23-year-old's massive size-14 feet.

"The 14-size foot is the ultimate paddle. Swimmers that wear flippers can beat the ones without flippers. Michael comes with natural flipper, that is gives him tremendous advantage in creating propulsion," said Mittal.

Research also shows that Phelps uses the kick to its maximum advantage by staying underwater for at least 13 meters, while others swimmers surface by the 7th or 10th meter mark. Phelps powerful lungs hold out longer under water, eliminating the resistance that would result if he surfaced early.

"He can actually swim nicely for 15 meters without running out of breath. Because the last thing you want to do is you swim for 15 meters and then when you come out you're so depleted of oxygen that you're not able to swim at all and that would defeat the purpose of the Dolphin kick," added Mittal.

Rajat Mittal who is now working with US Olympic coaches hopes that the Dolphin kick will become an essential part of the athletes' training program.


Google's new browser chrome

Google has revealed plans today to release an innovative new open source web browser called Chrome that includes some extraordinary and unprecedented features. Google says that its new browser will move the web forward and provide a stronger platform for emerging web standards.

The browser is built on top of Apple's WebKit HTML rendering engine, a lightweight renderer that is known for its clean code base, good performance, and excellent standards-compliance. WebKit's versatility and the ease with which it can be embedded in applications has led to its adoption in numerous contexts, including Google's Android web browser. Alongside WebKit, Google will be using its own JavaScript virtual machine called V8, which was designed for high performance and has some compelling features.

Security is also clearly an area where Google plans to push forward web innovation. Chrome has a sophisticated sandboxing system that is designed to protect against malware by restricting access to the underlying system functionality. Google will also be leveraging its malware blacklists (the same ones it uses to protect users from clicking through harmful search results) to warn users when they attempt to visit a site that is known to be infected.

There are many other nice features in Chrome too, including a rich autocompletion, tightly integrated Google Gears, a site-specific browser framework like Prism, and a private browsing function called Incognito that resembles Microsoft's recently announced InPrivate functionality.


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