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GRE verbal datbase till oct 2nd

1. Diaphanous

2. Spartan

3. Quaff

4. Beleaguered

5. Blatant

6. Quell

7. Stentorian

8. Unseemly

9. Offbeat

10. Mulish

11. Persuaded


1. Quaff: Sip

2. Mulish: Persuaded

Issue Topic:

1. An effective political leader doesn't speak da truth always. Honesty is a useful virtue for an effective politician.


GRE verbal database till oct 1st

1. Clarion

2. Tangibility

3. Commensurate

4. Quaff

5. Friated

6. Havoc

7. Transparent

8. Deplore

9. Emulations

10. Exemplar

11. Obscure

12. Unseemly

13. Hasten

14. Stentorian

15. Spiny

16. Sententious

17. Jaundice

18. Immutable

19. Spurious

20. Procrastinate

21. Avowal

22. Surly

23. Hasten

24. Stentorian

25. Spiny

26. Nefarious

27. Obscure

28. Disparity

29. Tepid

30. Oblivious

31. Nice


1. Malfunction: Failsafe

2. Quaff: Sip

3. Alloy: Pure

Issue Topic:

1. The profound thinkers and highly creative artists are always out of place with their time and society.


GRE quant database till oct 2nd

1. Given Set A = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,...m & Set B = 1, 2, 3, ...n where 'n' is even and 'm' is odd.
Col A: Percentage of odd numbers in A
Col B: Percentage of even numbers in B

2. If l(3x-2)l < 8 then find the value of x?

3. If a1, a2, are such that each term is 2 times the preceeding term & p1, p2, are such tht each term is 3 times the preceeding term. If a1= xxxx(some value) and p1 = xxxx(some value) then find the least number of n such that Pn > An?

4. In a school, there are 720 people. If 300 opted for course x, 350 for y, 200 for z, 100 opted for no course and 150 opted for exactly two courses then what is the number of people who opted for all the three courses?

5. A group can charter a particular aircraft at a fixed total cost.If 36 people charter aircraft rather than 40,loss per person is 12$. What is cost per person if 40 people charter it?

6. On a street, there are four houses which are to be painted. There is a choice of three colors, and one house will be painted with a single color. In how many ways can the houses be painted?
A. 4
B. 24
C. 64
D. 81

7. (1/2 - 1/3) + (1/3 - 1/4) + (1/4 + 1/2) = ?

8. If -2 < x < -1, then
Col A: 1/x3
Col B: 1/x


GRE quant database till oct 1st

1. If a < 0 < b < c, then
Col A: ac/b
Col B: ac

2. If x & y are not equal to zero, then
Col A: sqrt(x) + sqrt(y)
Col B: sqrt(x+y)

3. If (x-2)(x-3)(2x-15)(4x+1) = 0, then find the product of maximum and minimum value of x?

4. Given that, if a person has 5 pair of socks of different colors and if 2 are chosen at random then what is the probability that both of them are of same color?

5. If a clock shows exactly 4 '0' clock right now, then what will it show exactly 1195 hours later?

6. If x=! 0, then
Col A: lxl – 2
Col B: lx-2l

7. If a point (1, 2) lies on the line Mx + Ky = 2, then
Col A: k
Col B: 0

8. If it takes ‘t’ mins to travel ‘X’ miles, then
Col A: The time taken in hours to travel 900miles is
Col B: 15t/x

9. The range of list-1 is 16 and range of list-2 is 10(approx values). If both the lists are combined then what will be the minimum value of their range?

10. If x, y, z are negative integers, then
Col A: x + y + z
Col B: 1/x + y + z

11. Col A: 0.01/1- 0.01
Col B: 0.1/1- 0.1

12. In every month, a hospital is opened only in last week. If 10 people travel through bus to hospital, what is the probability that atleast two people travel on the same day?

13. If x < 0, then
Col A: -x
Col B: lxl

14. There is a swimming pool in the shape of an upright right circular cylinder whose base diameter is 20ft and depth(of cylinder) is 4ft. What is the volume of water, if the water is present at a uniform depth of 3ft 6inches?

15. If t^4 = 16, then
Col A: t
Col B: 2

16. If [z] represents greatest value less than or equal to z and x & y are positive, then
Col A: [x]+[y]
Col B: [x+y]

17. Given that, there is a field with 'r' sections in which there are 's' sub- fields in each section. It is also given that there are 5 employees for working and each one does the work equally. If there is an employee Annie who does the work of her and also 1/3 work of the other colleague, then
Col A: Work done by Annie
Col B: rs/4

18. Which of the following operations below, would not affect the standard deviation of the above numbers
A. When 6 is added to each number
B. When 3 is added to each number.
C. When each number is mutiplied by some number x
D. When each number is divided by some number.
(Question is similar to this)

19. There is a square floor with a smaller square carpet. The side of floor is 10% greater than that of carpet and the difference in the areas were given. What is the side of the carpet?
(Question is similar to this)

20. If the probability of A doing a work is 2/3 and B doing it is 4/7, then what is the probabilty of neither of them do it?

21. If t^4 = 16, then
Col A: t
Col B: 2

22. If x, y, z are real positive numbers.
Col A: Median of x, y, z
Col B: Median of x^2, y^2, z^2.

23. If x, y are two real numbers and x>0 & y<1, then
Col A: mod(x-y)
Col B: 1

24. If 100 < x < 225, then
Col A: sqrt(x)+20
Col B: sqrt(900+x)

25. If (n-2)*(n-3) = 0, then
Col A: -2n+1
Col B: 2n-8

26. The probability of A hitting a target is 2/3. And the probability of B hitting the same target is 4/7. So, what is the probability that neither of them will hit the target?

27. If ak = 1/k-1/(k+1), then find out the summation of a2 to a100?
(Here k, 2 & 100 are suffixes)


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