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Watch Lunar Eclipse on 31st dec 2009 Live on net |, Chandra Grahan, Moon Eclipse, ‘Once in a blue Moon”

“The Lunar eclipse is partial and will begin at 10.45pm on Thursday and continue till 2.59am on Friday, the first day of 2010. Another interesting fact is that the eclipse is occurring on a full moon day.The eclipse would be visible from naked eye and India is one of thebest places to see it,” Astro-expert with the Indira GandhiPlanetarium, Anil Yadav
On the New years eve, 31st Dec 2009 there is going to be a partial lunar eclipse.
The eclipse will be visible throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Brazil and Australia.
Canada and the USA will also get to see some of this eclipse.
This eclipse is special because the blue moon will rise on the New Year’s eve.
Interestingly, the lunar eclipse will begin when the New Year celebration will be at its peak and continue till 2010 sets.


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